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Engage. Establish. Execute.


Project Manager

As the founder it's Jack's job to keep the team happy while understanding the market and delivering the product.


Lead Developer

Trixter does a bunch of backend development, primarily working on our Game Panel, and our Discord Bot. Not to mention- watches too much anime.


Human Resources

Cryption is a team leader making sure our support team is happy and effective. While also working on Hyplex projects.


Human Resources

Luna is our second team leader. Luna also creates our memes and does a load of other Crident related projects - with some marketing.

what we're about

Our bullet proof team brings you the quality, performance and entertainment that Crident Networks has today. Working hard each day to ensure the service you have is to the standard you expect, if you're not happy then we're not happy!

a passion for projects

We all have our projects and here at Crident, we love them a little too much. But all at the benefit of you! These projects are what makes your service so fun, easy and simple to use at the highest quality possible.



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